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Hi, I am a 15 year old boy trying to convince people why Amd is a better choice then Intel. You may notice alot of spelling errors and things like that, but try to look past it and read around the site. I got a forum up and running so go check it out and join up. :)

Why choose Amd over Intel?

Why should you choose Amd over Intel? Well for a number of reasons; one, it is going to play games alot better then a Intel chip of the same power. Now don't get me wrong Intel chips are not bad. But, if you are a gamer I highly recomend that you get AMD. If you are a bussiness man, major multi tasker. Run like 15-20 programs at once then you should get a nice Intel Chip. But most likley you are not going to be that big of a multitakser. Most people will have 5 programs at the most running at once. And do some casual gaming. Amd is like the perfect chip for that, and will also have the option for the great high end games. Intel can also play high end games but will take a much greater powered chip.

Amd 64 bit cpu

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