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A Short Summory

Over the course of AMD’s three decades in business, silicon and software have become the steel and plastic of the worldwide digital economy. Technology companies have become global pacesetters, making technical advances at a prodigious rate — always driving the industry to deliver more and more, faster and faster.

However, “technology for technology’s sake” is not the way we do business at AMD. Our history is marked by a commitment to innovation that’s truly useful for customers — putting the real needs of people ahead of technical one-upmanship. AMD founder Jerry Sanders has always maintained that “customers should come first, at every stage of a company’s activities.” Our current CEO, Hector de Jesus Ruiz, continues to carry the torch, saying, “Customer-centric innovation is the pre-eminent value at AMD. It is our reason for being and our strategy for success.”

We believe our company history bears that out.

The AMD story is also shaped by a fervent belief in the merits of competition. Without free and open competition, innovation suffers. Therefore, the customer suffers, with fewer choices, higher costs, and slower growth. During every era of our existence, AMD has been dedicated to keeping the playing field open and fair for all comers, helping to ensure that our industry is driven to create technology that really works for people.

AMD’s dedication to customer-centric innovation and competitive spirit is an unbroken thread running from our early days in the integrated circuit business, through an ever-broadening product portfolio that now includes microprocessors and computing solutions, memory products, and connectivity solutions.

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The Story

Beijing, CHINA -- December 10, 2003 --Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE: AMD) and Founder Group, today announced plans to establish a new joint Platform Development Lab in Beijing, China for integrating and developing products targeted at information appliances beyond the PC market, initially focusing on the home digital media centers. Through this Lab, AMD and Founder will be able to address the growing demand for technology that is designed around human-centric interaction and innovation. The Lab plans to develop solutions based on what consumers value in their computing experience involving relevance, accessibility and usability.

Founder will be providing supporting infrastructure, technical expertise and engineering staff among other things to the Lab, while AMD will focus their efforts on providing technology and resources, including development tools, products, dedicated engineering support, and reference design kits to the Lab. The joint lab will support customers in bringing products to market faster, and strengthening Founder’s engineering capabilities while providing AMD with growth opportunities for the AMD Alchemy™ and AMD Geode™ solutions in the China market.

“We are pleased with the commitment and dedication behind the establishment of the AMD/Founder Platform Development Lab,” said Chen Xiaoou, general manager of the Founder R&D center. “Leveraging the world-class technical capabilities and solid infrastructure of Founder, combined with the leading-edge human-centric AMD Alchemy Solutions will allow for the lab to truly be a center of innovation in the China market.”

“Working with Founder to establish the joint lab allows AMD to continue its own human-centric computing efforts and leverage Founder’s market leadership to accelerate AMD Alchemy and AMD Geode Solutions into China,” said Karen Guo, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD China. “We look forward to driving customer- centric innovation with Founder in the design center to develop solutions that meet the needs of consumers.”

“AMD is pleased to partner with a well-respected leader like Founder that shares our passion in human-centric innovation,” said Billy Edwards, AMD’s corporate vice president and General Manager for the Personal Connectivity Solutions group. “As one of the world’s largest and fastest growing semiconductor markets, we are committed to launch and grow the AMD/Founder Platform Development Lab and the adoption of the AMD Alchemy and AMD Geode Solutions in China.”

About Founder
Beijing Peking University Founder Group Corporation is a hi-tech enterprise founded by Peking University in 1986. Founder Group owns four listed companies: Founder Holdings Limited, EC-Founder Co. Ltd, Shanghai Founder Yanzhong Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd, PUC Founder (Malaysia), and 17 wholly owned subsidiaries and joint-ventures, with a total asset of RMB 6 billion yuan. Currently, Founder has about 5,000 employees. Founder has established a corporate technology center consisting of Founder R&D Center and three institutes (information technology, information products and lanthanide technology). Chinese word-processing technology at this center has been world leading. Founder, with “Innovate technology and civilization” as its philosophy, emphasizes principles of relying on the people, advancing with innovation, incorporating manufacture education and research, and providing high-quality products and technologies to the society.

About AMD’s Personal Connectivity Solutions Group (PCS)
AMD’s PCS group delivers high-performance, low-power embedded solutions that are designed to address customer needs in the non-PC Internet Appliance market. PCS offers technologies from the AMD Alchemy™ and the AMD Geode™ product families covering a wide range of applications. Target markets for PCS solutions include client, mobile client, set-top box, and access/networking device markets. These products meet customers' needs for complete connectivity solutions.

About AMD
Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia. AMD, a Standard & Poor's 500 company, produces microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for communications and networking applications.

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Jerry Sanders founder of AMD

These are pics of the founder of AMD, Jerry Sanders.